Quality web design should be clean and functional. Practical, but never boring. Quality web design should be affordable but not "cheap." With Web-Betty you receive web design that makes your content stand out. The web site design created for you will be unique and individual—tailored to your needs. I create web designs to emphasize your story; your product; your life.

My web site designs, while utilizing the latest in web technology, will never overshadow your content. With Web-Betty you will receive a highly functional, clean and simple, visually appealing website.



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I offer a variety of web design services for those who simply need a web presence. I specialize in web sites designed for:

I am not a template factory--I create one-off web sites. This means you receive a unique and specialized design to showcase what it is you want the world to see. I work with you to ensure 100% satisfaction with the end result.

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A little background

In 2003 I had fallen in love with CSS--the idea of separating content from design made sense. I started using CSS and I never looked back. In my quest for a unique look, I came across an odd layout at CSS [ZEN] Garden. I knew immediately this was the layout for me. Problem was, I was 4 years early--I received too many complaints about the horizontal scrolling (check out my first horizontal layout). I guess it was just too progressive. Jump ahead to Oct. 2008 and The Horizontal Way. Once again, I knew this was the layout for me. I'm excited to re-visit my horizontal layout, and I hope you enjoy!