About Flow Productions: Our mission is to produce for our clients, high quality audio and video "podcast" productions, which are educational, entertaining and inspirational. We are a Florida corporation.

Clients and Projects: Flow currently has 5 clients and over 100 podcast production projects on the slate for creation, each with unique podcast-related domain names for each line of production. Categories include Architecture, Country Relations, Print & Online Magazine Collaborations, Education, Energy and Environment, Entertainment, Law and Medicine.

Our first and largest project is Medical News Podcasts. Please visit the website to hear the productions or subscribe to our first line of medical news podcasts - STAT! – The Podcast of Clinical Neurology News - by entering 'neurology' into the iTunes podcast directory search field. To view our video and audio podcast demos, please visit www.TurnkeyPodcasting.com/imng.

About Podcasts: "Podcasts are multimedia productions" – also called "audioblogs" - distributed over the Internet for listening or viewing on portable media devises such as iPods, laptop computers or mobile phones. Podcasts are sometimes available from podcasters' websites as "streams," but podcasts are distinguished from streamed media being "RSS aggregatable," which enables them to be transferred to portable media players. This allows consumers to listen or view podcasts any time, as many times as they want, from anywhere in the world if Internet access is available, and without time, distance, bandwidth or radio frequency limitations. Older media such as terrestrial and satellite radio are starting to broadcast podcasts.

Services: Our expertise includes creating and launching new podcast productions and "repurposing" clients’ existing print and web-based content into new audio and visual podcast productions for distribution via the new medium. We also expect to produce custom audio commercial spots and medical conference podcasts (first bid pending).

Contact Flow Productions: Please contact us to see how we can assist you in your journey into the "podosphere" or how you might collaborate with us on one of our many podcast production projects.

globe icon General information or questions:
        Email: info@flowproductions.org
        2111 Ocean Drive, New Smyrna Beach, FL 32169
        Phone: 386-426-8803

globe icon Demo creation:
        Kathy Jo King
        Email: kathy@flowproductions.org
        Phone: 386-451-7800

globe icon Collaboration on existing Flow project(s):
        W. Campbell Douglass III MD, MS
        Email: camp@flowproductions.org
        Phone: 386-451-9041

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